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Renewable energy project implementation

Project Design

We have the expertise to advise on the design of your solar, biogas, and clean cookstove project. This service comprises identification of project objectives, organogram, appropriate technology, and the development of a Work Breakdown Structure. We use innovation systems thinking as our point of departure to design projects that incorporate critical stakeholders and roles that ensure effective project implementation and sustainability.

Technology Selection

Our advice on appropriate renewable energy (RE) technology selection considers end-user socio-economic status, project location, existing national policies, project budget, and a myriad of other crucial factors. We focus on the following RE technology attributes to ensure long-term adoption. These are relative advantage, compatibility, complexity, trialability, and observability.

Feasibility Studies

We undertake feasibility studies at different project stages to assess the social impacts, adopters’ willingness-to-pay, and energy-use profiles to improve overall project outcome. We have experience in conducting extensive surveys, focus group discussions, interviews, and mental maps. Besides, we use inductive and deductive coding methods together with advanced Excel statistical and modelling tools to analyse your data.

Assessing Sustainability

Last but not least, we can assess the sustainability of your RE project. We have in-depth knowledge and expertise in several theoretical lenses through which we evaluate user adoption, project implementation, and the transition to zero-carbon future. These lenses include frugal innovation, inclusive innovations, intermediation, and sustainability transitions. Recently, we investigated the performance of the following projects in Ghana:




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