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Product design and development

At TG Innovation Systems, we help you nurture your business ideas and design products that meet the needs of your target market. Your ideas are innovations that need to calve carefully so that at first glance, your customers can quickly identify how your products:

  • Add value to them

  • Are compatible with their needs, past experiences and value systems

  • Are easy to use and understand.

We have worked with e-commerce, bio-medical, and hospitality companies. In 2016, we designed the storyboard for Ronins and Radars geo-location e-commerce app. We helped the company raised capital, partner with a developer, an operation manager, and a lawyer to complete the project within three months.

We also assisted Chef Paa in starting the first-ever African restaurant in Nanjing, China. We advised on business development in terms of developing a standardised recipe to enhance customer loyalty, strategy for expansion, and marketing. We plan to replicate this success story with Liba’s Authentic African Cuisine in Perth, Australia.

Currently, in Australia, we are in charge of the business development for the Cervical ChinUp company, a Perth-based start-up. We are using innovation systems thinking to identify distribution channels for their ultra-modern neck support device – ChinUp.

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